Buffalo Run Snowmobile Trail reopens with heavy snowfall

 SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- This winter weather is welcome to many people, especially those who like to hit the local trails in snowmobiles.

The 63 mile long trail, Buffalo Run,  has been closed since earlier this afternoon in anticipation of  Friday's snowstorm.

Just after 5 p.m. Buffalo Run Trail opened back up as the heavy snowfall covered the trail with some much needed snow.

Several riders hit the trail Friday afternoon to beat the weekend rush that is expected now that the trails have enough snow to ride on.


Avid snowmobile rider, Scott Hays, has been riding for 10 years now and says today was the perfect day to get on the trails.


"The Indiana trail was good. We went all the way up into Michigan and did about 78 miles to and from," says Hays. 


Riders say this trail will be packed this weekend because they have been waiting longer than usual for the snow to arrive this winter. Hays hopes this snowstorm will mark the beginning of a good, long snowmobile season.

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