Burglars knocking on doors in South Bend

NOW: Burglars knocking on doors in South Bend


SOUTH BEND, Ind.- Burglars in South Bend are knocking on doors in the middle of the night to potentially rob homes. 

Now a recent burglary is causing neighbors to amp up security. 

"There were three or four teenagers waltzing up and down the street. Walking this way, and then walking back again. About an hour later I saw them again, I must've seen them three or four times in the week just before my neighbors home was broken into, said concerned neighbor Jefferey Gainey."

The family was asleep inside their home when one family member woke up to four unwanted guests in his home.

That's when neighbors said the suspects jumped out of a window, stole miscellaneous items including the keys to their jeep. They then drove the car to nearby Faith United Methodist Church, and made their escape.

According to South Bend Police, a spike in larcenies in the area have authorities increasing patrols and amping up security,

Neighbors are taking matters into their own hands too. 

Neighbor Shannon Levin saying, “We're locking doors, and we have some self-defense that we employ if need be. Which will hopefully never happen but the best is locking our doors and knowing our neighbors and that helps a lot.”

South Bend Police are still investigating this case.

In the mean time, neighbors have installed motion lights, alarms, cameras, and motion sensors to warn potential threats to stay away.

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