Businesses could feel impact of Michigan power plant closure

The Curve Inn is about 4 miles from the Palisades Power Plant in Michigan. The diner is one of just a handful of local businesses in the area that caters to plant employees. After hearing the news of the pending closure - employees are feeling unsure about the future.  

"On a personal level a lot of the employees who’ve been here for a while got to know these people outside of work,” said Matt Leadingham, Kitchen Manager at The Curve Inn.

The Palisades Power Plant in Covert Township, Michigan is soon to be no more. This, after Entergy Corporation and Consumers Energy agreed to an early termination of  their power purchase agreement for the plant.

Local businesses, like the curve inn, could feel the ripple from that.

"Certain times of the year when the power plant goes into their outage, they bring in quite a few employees from all across the country. We run specials, breakfast time things like that. There’s no doubt in my mind that, you know, we probably will feel some effects from it,” said Leadingham.

While it’s their business that could be affected, Leadingham says he feels for those workers.

“Some of my mind goes towards worrying about what they’re gonna do especially this time of year which Christmas and everything, you know the holidays,” said Leadingham.

Click here for more information about the Palisades Power Plant pending closure.

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