Butterfly release and memorial to honor late mothers and motherhood

NOW: Butterfly release and memorial to honor late mothers and motherhood


Mother's Day is a day for celebration. But for some, it can be a difficult day.  Sunday afternoon, hundreds came together at a Michiana funeral home and garden, to celebrate a different way.

The message? Everyone has a mother.  

150 people came to the Chapel Hill Funeral Home and Garden for a memorial service to honor the mothers and children they lost. 

It's a day that can truly be a trigger for many people, no matter how long it has been. 

"My mother passed away 30 years ago. But you never forget your mother," says Doris Speicher, a participant of the service. 

"Each loss is unique to each person that experiences it," adds Lori Smith, the community outreach coordinator for Chapel Hill.

The memorial consisted of a short prayer service, some songs, and concluded with a butterfly release.

"The butterfly symbolizes transformation and new life," explains Smith. "As your life changes, with different losses you experience, the goal is to move forward." 

Speicher agrees.

"I think the butterfly is very meaningful, because it's a symbol of life, but it flies away, and as it flies away, you recall your parent or loved one," she says.

When Speicher released her butterfly, her mother was on her mind.

"I'll think of my mother up in heaven. and how happy it is that i had my life with her," Speicher says. "[I] just want to give [her] one more hug."

To really feel the participants' emotions, the video above shows the true impact of the memorial.

This is the first time the funeral home has done this service, and they will continue to do it in future years. 

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