Calm before the weekend storm

NOW: Calm before the weekend storm

Wind speed at midnight Saturday morning

A brief calm before the weekend storm. Some sunshine is possible through the first half of Friday, clouds fill-in, wind increases and rain returns Friday night into Saturday. Wind gusts may top 40 mph Saturday, there’s a brief lull when the wind changes direction from the south to the northwest Saturday. Temperatures will fall sharply into Sunday, this could lead to some black ice and lake effect snow showers.

Tonight: Mostly cloudy. Low of 30. 

Break in the clouds early Friday

Friday: Partly to mostly cloudy, becoming windy and rainy late. High of 48.

Saturday: Rainy and windy, highs near 52 but falling through the afternoon.

Sunday: Cold, chance of lake effect snow showers, high of 34.

Heaviest rainfall likely early Saturday
Wind gusts at midnight Saturday morning

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