Camp Millhouse has new plans, needs community's help

NOW: Camp Millhouse has new plans, needs community’s help

SOUTH BEND, Ind.- A nonprofit organization that’s been in South Bend for 80 years is inviting the community over to see what they have to offer, but they’re also asking for some help.

Camp Millhouse, celebrating its 80th anniversary this year, is seeing some changes at its office.

It’s been sitting on a piece of land owned by another non-profit until just three months ago. “For the past 77 years we’ve been out on Kelly Road in Green Township,” says executive director Diana Breden.

That actually changed this august. “Finally given us an opportunity to own the property,” says Breden. “And that’s important for us to be able to grow our program and add new buildings to serve campers.”

This change requires a lot of funds. Funds that Camp Millhouse needs help raising.

“We need $500,000 by the end of 2017 to close on the property purchase in December. The other $500,000 will be raised over the next two years so that we can upgrade our buildings,” says Breden.

In 2015 Camp Millhouse served 236 campers. In 2016, 263 and this past summer that number increased to 294.

“Camp is unlike anything else. It’s nothing that I have experienced anywhere else,” says director Liz Richards. “So many amazing people doing so many amazing things.”

Richard says this nonprofit residential summer camp for children and adults with disabilities is changing the lives of those who participate.

“The reach is so much more than just with the campers. The staff members, the volunteers the community organizations that participate and support us.”

Right now Camp Millhouse is at $260,000. For more information on contributing to Camp Millhouse, click here.

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