Campus pays tribute to Father Hesburgh on the anniversary of his death

The Notre Dame campus honored Fr. Ted Hesburgh Friday night at a memorial concert marking the one year anniversary of his death.

In his 97 years Fr. Hesburgh held many titles including President of Notre Dame and civil rights activist. But to Fr. Austin Collins, “Ted” was a friend.

“He was first and foremost a man of faith and I think it was because of that he was able to do so much good,” said Fr. Collins, Professor of Sculpture at Notre Dame.

So much good was celebrated by so many on Friday night. The pews were packed with people at the Basilica of the Sacred Heart to remember Fr Hesburgh.

The Notre Dame Liturgical Choir, Folk Choir, Celebration Choir, Basilica Schola and Coro Primavera all performed.

Fr. Collins offered special words of remembrance about his friend.

“He was easy to be with. No one was a stranger, he was inclusive of everyone. He was a person of very strong convictions,” said Fr. Collins.

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