Can we finally start planting?

NOW: Can we finally start planting?

Now that we're almost done with the month of April, we're getting close to when we can start putting plants in the ground. If you're looking to start that garden, or if you've already put a few plants in the ground, there's good news ahead! We're starting to really get away from the freezing and sub-freezing morning lows. Take this morning for example with temps in the 50s and 60s. This is the time of year when we see our last freeze or hard freeze across Michiana. Even up in the Michigan counties, our last 32-degree morning comes around during late April.

Michiana's average last 32-degree morning typically comes around this time of year: late April into early May.

Looking ahead to the next 7 mornings, everything looks good to go, except for tomorrow morning. Notice a low in the upper 30s around the toll road, but others could see some patchy frost that could be harmful to small plants already in the ground. Everything else is in the 40s, even when looking at the long-range models. Typically, we start to see patchy frost form when those morning lows drop down into the mid 30s. This could be harmful to sensitive plants, so you may want to bring those in Tuesday and Friday before going to bed. Freezes occur when temperatures drop below 32 degrees, and a hard freeze occurs at 28 degrees or colder. Luckily, no freezes are in the forecast this week. 

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