Canadian farmer asking for pig sponsors

ONTARIO -- Here's an idea, sponsor a pig, to help out a farmer struggling from the drought.

A Canadian farmer is offering a pig to anyone who pays to feed it over the next few months.

The drought that's plagued much of North America has forced the farmer to take drastic measures and this isn’t your average breed.

They're a heritage breed called large black pigs. The farmer says they're rare, hungry and exceedingly expensive to maintain.

"I can't keep it up anymore, there's just no way," said Barbara Schaefer. "And there are a lot of people in the same boat as me, as far as cattle farmers having to sell their herds."

Her sponsorship plan will only help her break even. Without major rainfal,l the price of feed will only go up.

And at least part of her herd of large black pigs, one of the largest herds in the country, may have to be sold.

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