Cancer Honor Jar stolen

It was business as usual at a local gas station Tuesday evening until an employee noticed something missing.

Ron Banicki, owner of Ron’s McKinley Marathon gas station reported that he got a concerning call from one of his cashiers.

“We had, on our counter, a collection jar for Relay for Life – a previous employee had asked me to put it on the counter,” remarked Banicki.

Relay for Life, an organization that raises money for cancer research is holding a local event where people with loved ones that are currently fighting or have fought cancer in the past can honor them as “superheroes.”

The concept is simple. Create a jar to honor your “superhero.” Put it in a place frequented by people who will hopefully make donations. Donate the money to research.

Ron was honoring the request of a former employee who was honoring his recently deceased relative.

“It was probably between $75 and $100 in there - between bills and change,” say Ron.

However, on Tuesday evening, a cashier at the station noticed the jar missing and called her boss.

“You know it's just disappointing - we have so many great people that give money and then all of a sudden it just takes one or two people that just make it bad for everybody else,” states Banicki.

Ron investigated on his security cameras and realized the whole theft had been caught on his surveillance cameras.

The suspects, described as two black males had entered the store at about 5:20 pm and stolen some sodas and peanuts. However, before they left, one of them grabbed the honor jar and left. They drove away in a dark blue Impala, also seen on video.

Banicki is turning surveillance footage over to police. He’s asking anyone with information to come forward

Ron will put out another jar for the next few days in the hopes they can still raise some funds in time for the event.

“There’s just absolutely no reason for it,” says Banicki.

The event Relay for Life: To Cure and Beyond is Friday, April 15 from 5–11 pm at University of Notre Dame’s Compton Family Ice Arena. Superhero costumes are encouraged, but not mandatory.

Event details

If you have information concerning this crime please contact South Bend police or Crime Stoppers.

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