Candidates make their mark on voters during the debate; Polls show Warren, Harris on top

NOW: Candidates make their mark on voters during the debate; Polls show Warren, Harris on top

MIAMI, Fla. ---With the first Democratic Primary Debate in the books for this campaign season, how are voters feeling about the candidates?

Google trends after last night’s debate shows who was searched the most on Google during the second debate. Mayor Pete Buttigieg is the third most searched candidate just behind Kamala Harris and Marianne Williamson.

Voters in Miami are recognizing a few standouts aside from the front runners in last night’s debate.

“You have some very interesting candidates, Pete Buttigieg and Kamala Harris,” Fredrick Ingram said, an undecided South Florida voter. “He’s young; he’s a mayor which is very, very different than a lot of candidates so to go from mayor to president will be an interesting jump.”

Some voters who knew little to nothing about candidates like Andrew Yang, Buttigieg, and Williamson were able to form more knowledgeable opinions following the intense conversation Thursday night.

“I love seeing that it’s a gay person running for president, I never thought that would happen but as far as his policies, I’m not really keen on them,” Gabriella Miernik said, another undecided voter, “I do like that we have someone representing our community but he’s not my favorite as far as policies.”

So who won the second democratic debate? Polls from Five Thirty Eight show Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris on top with the highest scores for their performances in last night’s debate. They were followed closely by former Vice President Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, and Buttigieg.

“[Buttigieg] would be a good vice president maybe to like kamala or something but not he’s not ready yet for president,”Miernik said.

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