Candidates pull no punches in first U.S. Senate debate

NOW: Candidates pull no punches in first U.S. Senate debate

Westville, Ind. — Monday, Indiana’s U.S. Senate candidates pulled off the gloves in the first post-primary debate.

The Indiana Debate Commission hosted the event at Purdue University’s Northwest campus less than 30 days out from the election.

And after months of vicious attacks ads, Democratic incumbent Sen. Joe Donnelly set his sights on Republican Mike Braun.

 “I think what this debate showed more than anything is you can’t trust Mike Braunm,” said Donnelly. “You can’t trust him on healthcare, where he says he’s for coverage on preexisting conditions but he supported the senate bill that would’ve taken preexisting conditions away. He supported the house bill that would’ve taken preexisting coverage away. And he supported the lawsuit, Texas v. United States that is a dagger aimed at the heart of every family that has a member with a preexisting condition.”

Braun also went back and forth with Donnelly on stage on healthcare.

“I am always going to cover preexisting conditions and no cap on coverage and I’m the only one here who had the nerve to take on the insurance companies and get it done,” Braun said on stage. “You delivered us Obamacare which is falling apart despite it doing good things, it’s not lasting.”

While those two duked it out, Libertarian candidate Lucy Brenton made a pitch to voters as the true outside in this race.

“It’s time to do something completely different,” said Brenton. “It’s time to vote for Lucy. Why? Because, I’m the only one not beholden to corporate interest.”

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