Career Academy intends to reopen Clay High School as a charter with the support of Save Clay Inc.

NOW: Career Academy intends to reopen Clay High School as a charter with the support of Save Clay Inc.

SOUTH BEND, Ind. - South Bend’s Clay High School could continue serving students in the community after they close their doors at the end of this year, this time as a charter school.

Wednesday morning, the Career Academy Network gathered with local elected officials, and Save Clay Inc to announce their interest in buying the property to transform it into a charter school, "Clay Academy High School."

According to state law, this could be done for $1.

The STEM focused network who intends to buy the property currently operates two elementary, one middle and two high schools in South Bend.

They serve 1,600 students currently and wish to expand.

Save Clay Inc President and Founder, Robert Smith, has been a face for the fight to keep Clay High School open.

He told ABC57 after months of trying to make some noise and attending dozens of school board meetings and protests, today the group finally feels heard.

They say they feel this is the most viable solution.

"Charter schools are public schools. They are not competitive with South Bend Schools they collaborate with them and that is what today is all about,” said Smith.

This is just the start of a long process and there's still many steps to go before the school would be able to be up and operating as a charter school, the earliest being in 2025.

Career Academy are waiting on South Bend Schools' response before they’ll know if the deal is official, but unless SBCSC decides to keep Clay High open, state law prevents them from refusing the purchase.

Superintendent Cummings says he is currently focused on transitioning the current Clay High School students to other South Bend Schools.

"These are really difficult events and we want to make sure we transition them to their school of choice and we’re hoping it’s a South Bend school,” said Cummings.

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