Cars destroyed by trees toppled in high winds

NOW: Cars destroyed by trees toppled in high winds

Cars in South Bend and Mishawaka were damaged Wednesday afternoon when trees toppled over and limbs fell from strong winds.

A large tree was uprooted and fell across 27th Street in the River Park neighborhood of South Bend.

It hit a power line and cut the electricity to several homes in the area.

The tree landed on a car parked on the side of the street, totaling it.

 “We were worried about the trees because we could hear them every time it is windy,” says owner Rob Sutton.

Sutton says he reached out to the city about having the tree cut down. He was told it was the homeowner’s responsibility. The person who owns the home is selling it and would not cut it down.

“It’s not like they didn’t know there was an issue. I’m not trying to point fingers but I work hard for what I have and when you try to prevent it and they don’t do anything about it, it’s very frustrating,” says Sutton.

In Mishawaka, a car parked on W Battell Street was badly damaged by falling tree limbs.

The car’s owner Kit Campbell says he only had the car for three weeks and spent over $1,000 to get it working.

“It was a pretty reliable car for the short time we had it. That just made me mad the most is we spent so much money to get it fixed up and running pretty good,” says Campbell.

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