Cash Mob hits South Bend

Forget flash mobs, try cash mobs. These folks have more than dance moves to offer, they're armed with dough and ready to spend, all to help locally owned businesses.

"I'm going to take the money go into the chocolate factory and buy something I like" said Matt Peples.

With $20 in his hand, Pepples is off to a good start. He is just one of the many shoppers hitting the streets of downtown South Bend to pump some money back into local stores. and their hold card cash is heating up business.

"It's been pretty good, yeah it's been really good" said Mariam Malkovsky, owner of Bombay International,

During a cash mob, customers are asked to spend $20 downtown on whatever they like.

"I think it's a good idea. It encourages people to come downtown and we really need people to come downtown" states Malkovsky.

More than two-dozen local shops got in on the plan by putting items on sale, and that drawing crowds and more cash for local businesses.

"It allows people to know that we are down here and that we're offering a personal service" said Owner of Imagine That Donald Willman.,

That personal service is what Willman says separated his shop from the big box stores. TO him, nothing beats that personal touch,

Donald; "You come in and we want to know what you're looking for. We stop you at the door, we welcome you to Imagine That, and ask what you're looking for" said Willman.

And this is one mob that Willman and other business managers say is welcome back anytime.


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