Cass County Residents brave the cold, despite temporary power outage

CASS COUNTY, Mich. - Cass County was just one of the places hit hardest by the lake effect snow.

Over 800 people were without power after a car slammed into a pole near Dewey Lake, just north of Dowagiac.

While some are braving the snow, others are inside trying to keep warm.

Snow is definitely pretty to see.

“It was very beautiful this morning right as the sun was coming up, looking out back and all the fresh snow. It was gorgeous,” Sandy Craw said.
But when you can’t open your car doors and it takes 20 minutes to leave because of the ice, it starts to look a little less pretty.

“Just went out early this morning, turned back and came home,” Craw said. “They were pretty bad they were getting out to plow them but there were still probably 7,8 inches of snow on them.”

“It was very miserable. The roads are very slippery and if I recommend don’t go out we’ve had several slide-offs,” Cory Thomas said.
And that’s what happened to a lot of Cass County residents this morning. However, for some, it was a little worse.

“I’m worried about my pipes freezing,” Sabrina Hammer, who lives near Dewey Lake said.

Sabrina Hammer was one of over 800 people who lost power on Tuesday.

“I thought it was the snow, well it was because somebody hit a pole, not watching their speed out here because we do have a lot of snow,” she said.

A lot of snow and cold air so she opened up her bar to anyone in need of warmth.

“Some people don’t have any heat at their house. We do so keep it open,” she said.

Everyone who lost power got their lights back on by 5 p.m.

If you do decide to go for a drive, make sure to go slow, even if you don’t think a road has ice, it definitely could.

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