Caught on cam: 'Trickers' steal all the treats

MISHAWAKA, Ind. -- It was trick-or-'thievery' for one Mishawaka family after some trick-or-treaters stole all their candy.

And it was all caught on camera.

Two young ladies, not even dressed for Halloween, were caught on video helping themselves to all the candy left at the front door of a Mishawaka home.

Paul Grove was out trick-or-treating with his on kids on Halloween night so he put out a bowl full of candy.

"We put up a sign on the door that said, Happy Halloween, please take two or three pieces of candy," Grove said.

Two ladies spotted the candy dish, then walked away. They either did not see the sign or did not care.

They then walked back and proceeded to take all the candy. They left nothing behind.

"You don't expect the first kid to come to your door and take everything," Grove said.

He watched the whole thing unfold on his cell phone while he was out with his kids.

"When I was watching it happen on my phone, I was like hey we got some trick or treaters and then I saw they came up and took advantage of my generosity," Grove said.

Grove said he has an elaborate security system for set up around his home for safety reasons say he will not let this happen again next year.

He is glad that all they were after was the candy.

"At least the didn't smash the pumpkins and do anything bad to the house," Grove said. "It's still they came up and it took advantage of my generosity."

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