Cedar Point plans to close down one of its roller coasters

SANDUSKY, Ohio— Cedar Point will close down one of its roller coasters for good in September, according to a blog post on the amusement park’s website.

The Wicked Twister roller coaster will permanently shut down after nearly 20 years and over 16 million rides, the blog post said.

Park goers looking for one more ride up the 215-foot-tall, 72 miles per hour steel roller coaster will need to do so by September 6 when it closes for good.

Wicked Twister's twin yellow spiraling vertical spikes became a major part of the Cedar Point skyline when the coaster first opened in May 2002.

The announcement did not give a reason for the coaster’s closure. The post did say that the closure comes as Cedar Point “prepares for future park improvements.”

Park officials will share more details about the Wicked Twister’s last day at a later date.

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