Center for the Homeless getting playground update

The kids’ playground at The Center for the Homeless, in South Bend, is getting an upgrade; all thanks to a big gift.

“It’s coming from Eaton and coming from our hearts for the children.”

Eaton Corporation, also in South Bend, gave the center a grant check Wednesday for more than $20,000.

Eaton says while employees were volunteering, they learned the center needed an up to date play area.

The center says that it gets up to 50 kids staying a night and right now the equipment doesn’t meet the needs for all of them.  

Vanessa Ingole, a worker at the center says, “We primarily work with kids in the zero to five range, so this equipment is a little old for that age.” 

The plan is to make a natural play space including rocks and stumps, that everyone can use.

The center hopes to get it done as soon as possible.

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