Charges possible for teens involved in 911 prank call

The Dowagiac Police Department says two teens may face charges after allegedly making a prank phone call to 911.

Police say the Cass County Central Dispatch received a call on March 1 around 10:00 a.m. from a cell phone. 

According to police, the caller stated "A shooting in the school" three times, followed by laughter. There was no caller ID information, but police determined the call was being sent from a tower in the Dowagiac area.

Once Dowagiac Police were made aware of the call, they immediately sent officers to Dowagiac Union High School, Dowagiac Middle School, Justus Gage School, Patrick Hamilton School, and Kincheloe School as there was no specific school mentioned in the phone call.

Officers also made contact with administration at each of those schools and determined nothing out of the ordinary was happening. Police say a security check was completed at each school.

After investigating, the School Resource Officer and school staff at Dowagiac Middle School identified two suspects who admitted they had made the call as a prank.

The suspects are a 13-year-old male and a 15-year-old male and are both students at Dowagiac Middle School. 

Police say the information from this investigation will be sent to the Cass County Prosecutor's Office to determine if any charges will be pressed against the teens.

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