Chaz Bono on Dancing with the Stars

I have thought long and hard about the controversy surrounding Chaz Bono on DWTS. I am all for equality and believe that everyone should be given the same opportunity to express themselves and have the same opportunity to be who they are, therefore I think that Chaz should be "allowed" to perform. 

With that said, I don't think America is ready for a transgender person taking part in a prime-time TV show like DWTS. It is for that reason that I understand the attention that this is getting. 

My initial feelings were, no, it isn't okay and that it was a poor decision by the producers. But as I thought more about it. I would imagine this has to be difficult for Chaz as well, to perform knowing that not only will he be judged by his dancing ability but also by the life choices that he has made. 

I disagree with the statement made by the producer that Chaz was chosen because of his "compelling life story," what makes it compelling is more that he is the son of Sonny and Cher and not for this choice to have a sex change. I can think of more compelling life stories that should be shared. 

Dancing though is an art, that is an expression of ones environment and ones entire being. It is meant to be reflected in many ways, abstract, and open to many levels of interpretation. It is an art that is greatly expressed and embraced by the GLBT community, for that reason I think that Chaz, with those viewers and with Cher's fans will have a following.

I however, don't think it is fair to judge or to be upset with those who wish for Chaz to not be a part of the show and on their TV. The biggest argument has been,  is it confusing to children? Many are arguing yes. 

Thankfully it is a show where America gets to vote. If the majority of America doesn't wish for Chaz Bono to be on the show, then after the first episode the controversy will be over.. 

I suppose the argument is whether Chaz Bono should have been casted in the first place. I'm very interested in your comments on this topic!

Here is how to talk to your kids about Bono on DWTS:  

Talking to your kids about Chaz Bono on DWTS.

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