Child Passenger Safety Week

This week is Child Passenger Safety Week. Clay Fire is taking this opportunity to remind everyone that one size does not fit all when it comes to baby and child seats.

The size, placement, and even direction of these seats can mean the difference between life and death in an accident.

In 2014, 246 children in Indiana under the age of 13 were injured, and 4 children died as a result of being unrestrained in a car crash.

National statistics show that over 70 percent of all children’s car seats are not used correctly. 

But Dave Cherrone, Clay Fire Marshall, has the top 8 tips for parents and car seats:

  1. Never buy a child’s car seat from a yard sale or second-hand store.
  2. Know the weight and height of your child when choosing a car seat.
  3. Read the labeling on the product box to match the seat with the age and size of the child.                  
  4. The price of the seat has nothing to do with how it will perform in a crash.
  5. All car seats have a 6 year “life span” for usage.                                   
  6. If you need assistance with installation, check with your local fire, police or hospital to see if they have Certified car seat technicians to assist you.
  7. Do not attach “after market” items such as mirrors and toys near or on the car seat.
  8. Use the car seat on every trip, no matter how short, every time.
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