Chinese consumers help pave way to brighter future for Elkhart RV industry

ELKHART, Ind. -- There is positive economic news from the RV industry!

We spoke to the CEO of Jayco RVs out of Elkhart. Wilbur Bontrager told ABC 57 that the sales of RVs are on the rebound from 2009.

He said things could get even better! Jayco is exploring other RV markets to tap into, including China.

"Our industry's interest is in helping pave the way to allow our industry here in the U.S. to more easily do business in China either as an American-owned company or with a Chinese partner," said Bontrager.

Bontrager also said the Chinese are mainly buying drivable RVs because it is illegal to tow RVs in China.  They are renting them out and using them as vacation homes.

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