Christmas coming too early this year?

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- With two weeks until Thanksgiving it’s hard to even think about Christmas, but you can’t miss it. Christmas decorations are going up all over Michiana and stores are already celebrating the season.

Shoppers are filling their carts with holiday decorations even though it’s not even Thanksgiving yet.

"It seems like a normal Friday when I do my shopping there isn't a lot of traffic, especially at this time, but now it feels like Christmas shopping already everywhere I've been,” said Dawn Beltieg.

She says she's not sure why, but she's buying into the Christmas magic earlier than ever.

"I got the tree out already. They asked me to and so I did. And so I'm just shopping for some things for the house to decorate,” said Beltieg.

Saint Mary's economics professor Richard Measell says one US President ordered an early Thanksgiving.

"During the Great Depression President Roosevelt was concerned people weren't spending money so he had Thanksgiving moved from the 4th Thursday to the 3rd Thursday thinking that having an earlier Thanksgiving would expand the Christmas shopping season,” said Measell.

Years later it's expanding thanks to advertising.

Target started airing Christmas ads in October, Santa is already at University Park Mall and Pulse FM has been rocking around the Christmas tree since Halloween day.

"Christmas music fits in with exactly who we are. We send a message of hope and thanksgiving and love and peace and joy every day of the year. It just so happens that Christmas music has the words Christmas and snow in them,” said Melanie Bizoe of Pulse FM.

Although Grinches call in saying no Christmas carols until after Thanksgiving, Pulse FM says one caller solidified why it's not so bad to get into the spirit early.

"On Halloween night there was a man who was in his car and he had no hope and he felt like it was time to take his life and he had his gun in his car and he was listening to Pulse FM and a Christmas song came on,” said Bizoe.

After listening to the 3 minute song he put the gun down.


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