Christmas trees go on sale

MISHAWAKA, Ind. -- For Peg VanNevel, Black Friday means more than just getting a good deal.

"We have a different way of kicking off Christmas," VanNevel said. "Instead of going out for long lines or sales, you can come out here and browse among the trees."

She helps out at The Res; one of Mishawaka's oldest parks.

This year, the park is trying to sell a record number of Christmas trees to help with fundraising efforts.

"We're trying to educate people how to have recreation and nature all at the same time," VanNevel said.

For the last 20 years, The Res has counted on Christmas trees for park improvements, but nearby construction projects could hurt sales.

"The construction has been a challenge," VanNevel said. "But people have been able to find us."

After this weekend, Capital Avenue will be closed; forcing folks who want a tree to take an alternative route.

"There's a new road being circled around, so that'll be our new permanent entrance," VanNevel said.

She's hoping people make their way to 7th street to buy a tree, because this year's sales will go a long way towards installing city water and roofing cabins.

And at 20 bucks a spruce, time is of the essence.

"Our Christmas trees usually sell out within the first two or three weekends," VanNevel said. "So if you want the pick of the litter, come out soon, because the big ones go very quickly."

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