Church group to protest at fallen soldiers funeral

STARKE COUNTY, IND. -- American flags will be waving high Sunday as family and friends mourn the death of U.S. National Guard Specialist Robert J. Tauteris Jr.

"To find out that it was your own father that got hit and then have to be put on a plane back with him. I wouldn't want to do it."

Not everyone in the crowd will be singing "God Bless America" to thank the soldier for his service.

The Westboro Baptist Church will be at the service to protest.  They won't be able to get that close, because Indiana law states they must stay 500 feet away.  The daughter of the pastor of the church, Margie Roper, states these  laws are unconstitutional.

"While y'all are singing "God Bless America" when you soldier is in tiny bits and pieces in a body bag, it doesn't seem like much of a blessing to me. We bring signs that say 'God hates America', and 'America Is Doomed'," said Margie Roper. "What these laws do is put the bulls eye on Indiana, God's bulls eye. That is why four or five soldiers have been blown up by I.E.D.'s."

Roper also said she and other church members will follow the laws,  but she isn't concerned at all how the family feels about the protest.

"I am not one bit interested in how the family takes it. The family did the boy wrong and they will have to live with that," said Roper.

She just cares about getting her message across.

"Hey America stop sinning and the soldiers will stop dying. Period."


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