City leaders greenlight new Meijer location

NOW: City leaders greenlight new Meijer location

ELKHART, Ind.-- After hours of discussion and deliberation, the Elkhart City Council voted 9-0 Monday evening, approving an ordinance to rezone over 28-acres for a new Meijer location between Cassopolis and Johnson street. It’s something that was brought to the table years ago, but is just now taking official steps forward!

“I think it’s great news. Not only are we looking at a lot of good paying construction jobs getting it built, which will stimulate the local economy, everything from dining to construction supply and things like that which is always excellent, but also good paying opportunities in the long term for Elkhart,” Elkhart County 1st District Councilman Aaron Mishler said.

Aside from the excitement of a new grocery store and an expected 200 additional jobs coming to Elkhart, there are concerns from some community members on how the construction will impact travel.

“I reached out on Facebook to come community groups and I just kind of raised awareness that this was being considered, and some of the concerns that were brought up were about traffic, specially traffic on Johnson street,” Mishler said.

According to Mishler, a study done by the Right of Way Engineers expect about a 10% increase of traffic in that area. So, to relieve those concerns, they made some changes.

“In order to mitigate some of that, we aren’t just letting it happen, they’re adding a passing blister and a Right turn lane at its intersection there so it’ll, Johnson street won’t be the same but we are doing everything we can to support Meijer and support our community,” Mishler said.

Despite the minor bumps in the road, leaders are excited to see the city grow!

“It shows that Elkhart continues to grow and that we are welcoming to businesses small and large in our community, I think it really shows the strength of our community as we are getting more of these retailers here,” Mishler said.

Plans for the project to be completed and to have a grand opening is expected to be a few years down the line in 2023.

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