City of Elkhart votes to annex 4 of 5 county neighborhoods

There is zero information as to what neighborhoods we're talking about. Area 9, area 12, area 14 and area 15 mean nothing to the reader. These areas need to be defined - and since they're not the story raises more questions than it answers.



ELKHART, Ind. --

The Elkhart City Council has voted to annex four out of five neighborhoods to it's city limits.

The four areas annexed are area 9, area 12, area 14, and area 15. 

The council voted 6-2 not to annex Area 10, the area near Toledo Road and County Road 17. 

Council members state the reason behind the annexation is to add revenue to the city. 

However, there are many citizens of Elkhart who are concerned that this may limit police response time and farming opportunities, among other possible repercussions. 

Those living outside the city are concerned their rights and freedoms will be limited under the laws, taxes and other restrictions of Elkhart.Council.

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