City of Goshen creating homeless task force to help with homeless

NOW: City of Goshen creating homeless task force to help with homeless

GOSHEN, Ind.-- Residents of the Hawks Apartments in Goshen are calling on the city and Mayor Jeremy Stutsman to find a way to reduce the number of homeless living in their backyard.

A number they say they've seen grow over the past month and a half. 

"I would ask him to see all sides of the argument. I think there's a compassionate side to it but there's a side where the safety of the Millrace people are being threatened," said Hawks Apartments resident, Lacey Chupp. "They go through our trash, theyre not safe to be around, theyre haninging around our property doing drugs. We have kids you know.”

ABC 57 reached out to the Goshen Police Department to see exactly how many incidents have occurred, but did not hear back in time for the newscast. 

Mayor Stutsman, however, says the city may have something up their sleeve to help. A task force to address the growing homeless population that he says appears to be coming from other communities. He says his office and Goshen police department are receiving complaints, comments and concerns.  

Those living in the tent city say they have no other option. 

“It’s where everyone has been putting tents up because no one in Goshen is accepting any of us. No one in Goshen wants us around. No one in Goshen cares about us," said Nathanial Robinson. He is one of almost a dozen homeless people living in the tent city.

One Hawks Apartment residents says he doesn't have a problem with the growing number.

“I feel like they’re all good people. They’re pretty nice people," said David Krider.

The mayor says the task force will be made up of council members, city staff, non-profits, business owners and residents. It's those residents who want something done about it now.

“Something has to happen because the community keeps going from one place to the next. Theres not really a solution that’s ever been done," said Chupp. 

Mayor Stutsman also mentioned that they're still in the process of identifying all task force members and setting dates for those meetings. He says an official announcement can be expected to be made next week.

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