City of La Porte expands opioid addiction recovery program

The City of La Porte announced it has expanded an addiction recovery initiative for those who are addicted to opioids/heroin.

The City of La Porte Police Assisted Addiction Recovery Initiative, or PAARI, will be expanded into the newly formed Public Safety Assisted Access to Treatment and Health Program, or PAATH.

With the new PAATH program, people can go to the police department or any of the three fire departments and ask for help with their addiction. 

When someone wanting help with their addiction goes to any of those locations or asks a member of either agency for help with their opioid or heroin addiction, they will be paired with a trained community volunteer, an Angel, who will guide them through the steps of getting treatment.

Those seeking help can go to the following locations 24/7:

  • La Porte City Police Department 1206 Michigan Ave.
  • La Porte Fire Station #1 809 W. 18th St.
  • La Porte Fire Station #2  115 East Shore Ct.
  • La Porte Fire Station # 3  105 Boyd Blvd.

People who seek help will not be arrested because the focus is to help people recover from their addiction.

“We hear more often than not that people do not know what services are offered or how to get help with their addiction. The PAATH program is in place to make sure that someone is available 24/7 to help someone in need find their way into treatment," La Porte Police Chief Adam Klimczak said.

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