City of South Bend partners with Notre Dame's School of Architecture

NOW: City of South Bend partners with Notre Dame’s School of Architecture

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- Notre Dame architecture students applied their knowledge to create a new vision for South Bend's future.

The City of South Bend's Department of Community Investment partnered with the University of Notre Dame's School of Architecture to unveil an exhibition in the lobby of the County City Building on Jefferson Blvd.

It features Notre Dame students’ artwork focused on reenvisioning South Bend's West Bank, which covers Jefferson Boulevard, MLK Boulevard, Monroe Street and the St. Joseph River.

"I think there's a real interest from Notre Dame students in working here in South Bend and showing what they can do to help us re-look at our community," said Tim Corcoran, Director of Planning for South Bend.

Students prepared a variety of concepts for the West Bank area with hopes of creating a new economic and social network for the neighborhood.

"This is the type of work that Notre Dame architecture students produce,” said Corcoran.

The exhibition is free to the public through April.

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