Class teaches how to survive active shooter situations

Brianna Owczarzak

Saginaw, Michigan -- A Mid-Michigan based class teaches people how to survive active shooter situations.

One of those classes took place Tuesday night at the Saginaw YMCA.

"It's a good feeling to know that our employers actually care and took the time to do this," said Paige Krzciok, YMCA employee.

Henry Reyna, with Secure Solution, helps businesses put plans in place to deal with active shooter situations. He said preparation, along with the right training, could be the difference between life and death.

"The response plan has to be more than run and hide," Reyna said.

He said running away should always be the first action, but if running is not an option they need to be prepared to fight for their life.

"People don't rise to the occasion. They default to their training, so if you don't have any training in this you're going to be frozen with fear," Reyna said.

While every situation is different, employees said the training gave them important tools to potentially keep themselves and others alive.

"Everyone should learn these things to be aware and what you can do and not do in these types of situations. Especially in the way the world is today," said Nancy Brigham, YMCA employee.


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