Clay teacher on leave after inviting Right to Life Michiana to speak to class

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- A Clay High School teacher has been placed on administrative leave for having members of the anti-abortion group Right to Life Michiana speak to a health class.

The members of the group spoke to the class on Tuesday.

South Bend Community School Corporation Superintendent Todd Cummings says the visit was unauthorized and apologized.

The South Bend Community School Corporation is aware and deeply concerned about a group’s unauthorized visit to Clay High School's health class yesterday. It is clear that policies and protocols were not followed and we apologize. The teacher has been placed on administrative leave pending an investigation. We want to reassure our students, families, and community that we are taking this matter seriously and are grateful it was brought to our attention. While we are committed to addressing the health and safety needs of all of our students, policies, protocols, multiple perspectives, and parent notifications need to be followed to ensure the continued trust of our families.

Right to Life Michiana released a statement on Thursday.

On Tuesday, two Right to Life Michiana employees joined a post-abortive woman to present to a health class at Clay High School.

The Right to Life Michiana presenters shared medical and scientific facts about fetal development and abortion procedures. Additionally, they shared information about local nonprofits who provide support to women in need. Resources shared included help for any crisis; unplanned pregnancy, abuse, food/clothing needs, domestic violence, housing help, medical concerns, STI testing, job help, etc.

The post-abortive woman shared her personal testimony of having an abortion while in high school.

None of the presenters prayed or talked about religion or the political nature of abortion.

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