Cleanup and recovery begins for residents after flooding

The high water is beginning to disappear. But families’ problems won’t.

The Elmericks’ clean up and recovery process is just beginning.

“It’s been slow. The water didn’t really recede until late last night when it was too dark to start pumping basements and things it’s just been a slow process,” said Chris Elmerick, whose home was damaged.

And so is the county’s process of assessing all of the damage.

“We’re doing our first rounds of damage assessments,” said John Antonucci, the Director of St. Joseph County’s Emergency Management.

In order for them to do so efficiently, they’re now urging people across Saint Joseph County to report damages as soon as possible.

If you live in South Bend, you can call 311 to report damages. If you live in the county, you can call Emergency Management at 574-235-9378.

Once the entire county is assessed, they will start letting residents know what kind of help they will receive as soon as possible.

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