Cluster of Toxic Shock Syndrome cases reported

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Lansing, MI -- The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services has identified a cluster of tampon-associated Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) cases in the state.

Since December five TSS cases have been reported. The ten previous years averaged fewer than four cases reported per year.

"Although Toxic Shock Syndrome cases are rare, this recent cluster is an important reminder to always review product safety information," said Dr. Eden Wells, chief medical executive with the MDHHS.

The only links found between these cases have involved product selection. Four out of five cases were using super absorbency tampons, and four out of five were using the Playtex Sport brand.

Historically, tampon-associated TSS has been attributed to improper use, for example leaving a tampon in too long. You should never leave a tampon in longer than six to eight hours. Additionally, the risk of TSS is higher with higher absorbency tampons – always use the lowest absorbency needed.

Symptoms include sudden fever, vomiting, diarrhea, dizziness, muscle aches, low blood pressure, rash, and shock with multi-organ dysfunction.

None of the recent cases in Michigan were fatal, and the case fatality rate is about four percent nationally.


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