Clydesdale farm works to celebrate the holidays safely

NOW: Clydesdale farm works to celebrate the holidays safely

LA PORTE, Ind. -- “A lot of people that we get have never been up close to a horse let alone a Clydesdale and the reaction that you get from them is cool. So it’s like if we can do it safely, we are still going to do it,” says Shelby Zarobinski, Co-Owner of Sandy Acres Clydesdales.   

Sandy Acres Clydesdales, a family owned farm in LaPorte, has been breeding Clydesdales since 2006. Shelby Zarobinski, co-owner of the farm says, it all started after she won her own Clydesdale in a local 4H competition.

“We have had them ever since and just love their personality, they are so docile and easy to work with,” says Zarobinski.   

When the majestic horses are not showing off their skills in competitions, the farm puts on tours to allow guests to interact with the Clydesdales and other animals on their farm.  During the holiday season, Sandy Acres hosts its annual Christmas event! Visitors can go on sleigh rides and enjoy some hot chocolate and even visit with Santa or the Clydesdales. But now, because of the COVID-19 crisis, they had to rethink this year’s event. Instead of a large holiday celebration, the farm will be doing VIP winter tours one family at a time.

So here is what it looks like:   

Families, up to 5 in one party, can book a time slot to visit the farm where they can enjoy all the fun they normally would but COVID style! They can take part in a VIP experience inside the barn where the staff is decorating the interior for holiday photo opportunities. Then, of course, people get to enjoy one on one time with the Clydesdales. In between family visits, the staff at Sandy Acres will disinfect all tools used as well as the sleigh. Zarobinski says, this year has been tough to not have their usual events, but they still want to share their farm with the community. 

“It has been difficult to work with, but we have still made it where people can come out and enjoy them but still be safe doing it,” says Zarobinski.   

For tickets for one of their virtual tours, you can visit their Facebook page here.

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