Coach Kelly discusses how players will be kept safe on campus

Notre Dame football players are back on campus as part of the plan to get players back on the practice field. Head Coach Brian Kelly held a virtual press conference Tuesday to discuss how the team will be dealing with COVID-19.

Coach Kelly said he is happy to finally see his guys in person once again, but says some major changes will be made to keep everyone as safe as possible.

"We're going to gradually work towards being with our football team, as we pass through certain phases. So there will be zoom meetings to start. Then, as we work through these phases. We'll then begin to be in the same room with our players. So that will be a gradual integration," Coach Kelly said.

He said they will be testing players.

"We'll begin our voluntary workouts with everybody will have testing. So you will not be able to get into the football building unless you've been tested and you have tested negative. So that begins the process for us. Then, it becomes CDC guidelines relative to masks inside, personal distancing, temperature checks. Then, we will then begin the process of every two weeks, as we enter a new phase, we will begin the whole processes all over again and as we work our way all the way to camp, we will be in the same process. Then, we get into weekly testing for games," Coach Kelly said.

Coach Kelly said the practices in June are not mandatory and that each player has the choice on whether to return to campus or not.

No one will lose their scholarship if they are not comfortable returning.

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