Cold, rainy Michiana Spring 2020 comes to an end

NOW: Cold, rainy Michiana Spring 2020 comes to an end


Spring 2020 was definitely memorable across Michiana for many reasons, one of which was the weather.

While March was fairly unremarkable, cold snaps, hot stretches, and late-season snowfall during April and May finished out the season with a bang.

The average temperature for the spring was about 48 degrees, which is pretty close to normal for a typical spring. Michiana experienced a temperature rollercoaster for most of the season. Temperatures dipped to 25 degrees in South Bend in May, which was one degree shy of the all-time coldest May temperature (24 degrees on May 6th, 1968). 

While we had to wait quite a while for our first 80 of the year, our first 90 was observed 2 and a half weeks earlier than normal in South Bend.

South Bend finished Spring 2020 with just shy of 11 inches of precipitation. That is about an inch and a half above normal, but this spring’s total was almost four inches below what Michiana observed last year. That’s good news for the agriculture community and for our river flooding, which remained minor as expected throughout the spring.

March to May snowfall finished about 2 inches below normal, but it may not have seemed that way, in part due to the two days of snow and graupel across Michiana on May 10th and 11th.

Here’s to hoping for a calm and comfortable summer!

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