Cold temps and abundant snowfall exactly what businesses ordered

 The snow is starting to come down again in Michiana and some businesses are desperate for the chilly temperatures and the huge amount of snowflakes.

Businesses like Swiss Valley ski and snowboard area. They have been open for a week and after a discouraging December, they were afraid those dry temperatures were here to stay for the entire season. 

Those at Swiss Valley did not see much business in December from their normal season pass holders, but they are optimistic after the week of colder temps that the rest of the season will be better business.

The boots are tightened and ready to slide down the ski slopes at Swiss Valley ski and snowboard area.

It was the lack of boots and lack of skiiskist had officials here at the ski resort worried.

“We had a very warm December, and a very cold January,” said Jamie Stafne, she is the marketing director for the ski area.

Lately, though, as the temperatures go down business here goes up. 

Cold. Dangerously cold. School-closing cold.

Those frigid temps were a relief for owners of Swiss Valley.

“If they cancel school, once they clear the roads, the kids and the parents come up here and see what winter has to offer,” said Stafne.

In just the past week the ski lifts are moving and business is booming.

“We were actually happier to see the colder temps,” said Stafne.

Derrick Dye came out to see what Mother Nature had to offer for his favorite hobby.

He said he could not imagine doing anything else in these conditions.

“It's so much fun to be out here. I love it! Extra layers, make sure your warm, have a good pair of gloves and your feet are most important,” said Dye.

The frigid temps were not the only thing Michiana dealt with in the last several days.

Snow amounting to about ten inches painted this winter theme park white.

That made for even better ski conditions for skiers.

“With the powder and fresh snow, it's easier to ride through and feels nicer,” said skier Eric Roberts.

So it is not just the resort owners excited to finally see the temperatures drop; visitors at Swiss Valley are also glad they are finally able to come enjoy all this snow.

“‘Hey it's Michigan!' And it's winter and this is what we do,” said Stafne.
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