Cold weather sees fewer fans out at bars during bowl games

NOW: Cold weather sees fewer fans out at bars during bowl games


SOUTH BEND, Ind. — A big day of football wasn’t enough to fill local sports hangouts with fans.

Fewer people decided to spend the New Year out and about thanks to Monday’s frigid weather.

“If there wasn’t a bowl game I don’t know for sure if we would’ve been open today,” said John Freitag, the manager at O’Rourkes. “This year with Notre Dame being in the bowl game with LSU, obviously we had to be open, we’re right across the street.”

There was more seats open in O’Rourkes than taken just shortly after Notre Dame’s Orange Bowl win.

While some fans did enjoy the team’s victory at the bar, most decided to sit this outing out.

”We expected the football crowd to come out. With it being close to zero degrees, it doesn’t surprise me that people decided to stay home where they can stay home and light a fire and just relax with their families,” said Freitag.

Staying warm was motivation for quite a few folks to stay off the streets.

But those who did decide to risk the wicked weather found warmth in being surrounded by fellow fans.

“The cold don’t stop me from nothing,” said fan Jake Haggin.

To Irish faithfuls like Haggin, celebrating a victory at a sports hotpot like Brother was well worth the cold.

“I’m happy but we want a championship,” he said.

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