Coldest stretch for 2015

SOUTH BEND, IN -  For the month of January and up until this past week, January 5th through January 10th was the coldest stretch we've seen so far for 2015.  However, since Sunday, February 15th, the cold returned with vengeance and certainly made it's mark. 

Take a look at Fig. 1, which outlines the high and low temperatures from January's coldest stretch.  The average temperature over that 6-day period was just 8.1°.  Frigid, right?  Think again as you take a look at Fig. 2.  Fig. 2 outlines the high and low temperatures from the past 6-days (February 15th through February 20th).  Over this 6-day stretch, the average temperature was just 6.2°, 1.9° colder than January's cold stretch.  Slightly warmer temperatures are in the forecast for the weekend.  Be sure to check in with ABC57 First Warning Neighborhood Weather here for the latest 10-day forecast. 

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