Coloma Intermediate School continues Veterans Day tradition

NOW: Coloma Intermediate School continues Veterans Day tradition

COLOMA, Mich. -- Veterans Day is a time to honor those who have served, but also of course to educate the generations to come about those who have made these sacrifices for this country and our freedom.  

Coloma Intermediate School has their own Veterans Day traditions to open up the conversation!

For 20 years, the fourth graders of Coloma Intermediate School host a breakfast for veterans. The students sing a song and present artwork to those who have served our country.

But for the past 2 years it has looked a bit different! Due to the pandemic, they can no longer gather for a breakfast. However, the school still wants the students to give back. Now, the fourth graders continue to make their artwork and sing a song to send to veterans.

While the colors of red, white and blue excite the kids, they also get the chance to learn what Veterans Day really means.

Well, it reminds me that veterans risk their lives for freedom and to give our country freedom,” says Itzayana Perez, Student.

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