Coloma kids have 'Christmas at School'

NOW: Coloma kids have ’Christmas at School’

COLOMA, Mich. - Kindergarteners at Coloma Elementary experienced their first "Christmas at School" Friday.

Kindergartener Paraprofessional, Amber Higdon, stated, "Well, this morning in our kindergarten class, we made gingerbread houses out of graham crackers. And the kids had a blast. Doing it was kind of like party time from the time that they walked in the door."

On top of making those gingerbread houses, the kids also did a gift exchange from students to teachers.

We also asked a few students what they hope they get from Santa on Christmas morning.

The kids also got to spend some time with their families during "Christmas at School".

Kids were joined by parents and grandparents and got to enjoy cookies and cupcakes as well.

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