Coloma man pleads guilty to killing mother

The man accused of killing his mother at her home in Coloma in April 2015 pleaded guilty to murder in court Wednesday.

It was the first murder in Coloma in 30 years.

Monty Menefee pleaded guilty to Murder 1 in the death of 79-year-old Lavonne Monta.

The penalty is life in prison without parole.

He will be sentenced on October 5.

With the plea agreement, the habitual offender count was dismissed and he will not be charged with any crimes committed after the murder.

ABC57 spoke with Lieutenant Gregory Sanders with the Berrien County Sheriff's Department after Menefee's arrest.

Sanders said Menefee claimed it was a mercy killing.

“He explained that in his mind, he could justify what he did, describing this as a mercy killing. He did ask if Michigan had a death penalty. But he said that was too good for him," Sanders said.

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