Colts fans wish Peyton Manning the best


Colts fans say they are glad the speculation is over so they can focus on the upcoming season.
They wish Manning the best!
"People love Peyton Manning.  He's a real class act and if it's a good deal, and he likes it there, then good for him,” said Elizabeth Rayl, a Colts fan.
"I know he has to go someplace, I just wish he could go in the same division, so he could beat the Colts! I think it's wrong what they did to him.  I know it’s business," said Karen Mahamadou, another fan.
"How could you root against him?" asked Josh Clark.
The deal with Denver keeps Manning in the AFC, a conference he knows well.
It also keeps the possibility of a Super Bowl match-up with his brother, Eli, alive.


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