Common virus cases go up as COVID cases go down in children

SOUTH BEND, Ind. --- COVID-19 cases are way down due to vaccinations, but as we return to normal other viruses are coming back into play.

Over the last year pediatricians say parents mainly came in for wellness and mental health checks, but now as more kids become exposed to people without masks on their immune systems are catching other viruses not related to COVID-19.

“They go toe to toe. You know when I had it you know I thought I did have just a regular cold," said Nate Mills, father of two.

He thought it was a cold, but Mills and his two sons all caught COVID.

Getting back into the swing of things, Nate doesn’t want to see *another* virus hit his family.

“You know we haven’t been sick all year. So many kids have been healthy for so long since we’ve been wearing masks and socially distancing not having family gatherings. And now that we’re together there’s a lot of kids that haven’t been exposed maybe ever," said General Pediatrician, Dr. Anne Dudley.

Dudley says there’s been an uptick in respiratory viruses nationwide.

Cases are mostly with children 12 and under, but Dudley says infants two years old or younger are the most vulnerable because their immune systems are still being built up

“It’s a change for the parents they’re not used to their kids being sick. And so, it’s seeming more alarming to them even if it something that is just a common cold.”

Nate hopes to stick it out, by sticking outdoors.

“Still go out in public and stuff, but just be safer. Wash your hands bring sanitizer. I mean we’ve always had that kind of stuff with us all along, but you can still catch a cold you know common cold," said Mills.

While common virus cases are up Dudley says there’s no need for parents to panic because it’s normal for children to become sick.

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