Community celebrates life of 11-year-old boy shot and killed in South Bend

NOW: Community celebrates life of 11-year-old boy shot and killed in South Bend


3 days after 11-year-old, T’yon Horston was shot and killed in the city’s near Northwest neighborhood near the corner of Johnson St and Longley Avenue.

Saturday and Sunday, the same spot filled with family and community members coming together to grieve the middle schooler who lost his life to a senseless act of gun violence.

Black Lives Matter and the Be You Movement invited the community out Sunday afternoon to celebrate the short life of T’yon, forever just 11 years old.

"So we wanted to come out here today to support the family… and try to bring some positivity to the neighbirhood.. weve seen a lot of discussion online where people are really angry, saddened, Ive had students who k new him personally who were deeply touched by the situation, so we wanted to provide a space for them to be able to express themselves, and also just support the family,” said Jorden Giger the cofounder of Black Lives Matter South Bend.

Tears were shed as folks joined in prayer, enjoyed food and music, and shared memories and calls for justice

South Bend Police were also there in support of the community as the 6th graders Grandmother stood by his mother’s side during this unimaginable time.

She spoke out against the violence and begged that something changes before another family has to experience such a tragic loss due to gun violence.

“my baby 11 years old… he didn’t even get a chance to live" all this gun violence… and all these houses involved with this gun violence.. we need to shut them down,” she cried out.

Local leaders listened to community members’ cry’s for change, Like Second District Councilmen Henry David Jr adding,

"change just doesn’t happen over night, but we hope this young mans death is not in vain, and maybe change does come of it".

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