Community gives input on Berrien County Parks’ five year plan

BERRIEN COUNTY, Mich.—A public meeting was held on Wednesday to give the community an opportunity to provide input on Berrien County Parks’ five year plan.

Residents who live near Madeline Bertrand Park, where the meeting was held, are concerned about the addition of campgrounds creating noise. They also do not believe that the roads in the area are equipped to handle the change.

“That would be a major change to the park so if camping was introduced to the park it would have to go through a long process and get approved or not by Parks Commission County Board,” said Brian Bailey, the Director of the Parks Department.

The plan proposes improvements for eight parks, including county parks at Silver Beach, Love Creek and Paw Paw River.

Linear Trail Park is included in the plan but does not actually exist yet.

The plan is due in February of 2020 but a draft will be submitted in October.

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