Community, law enforcement fed up with crime

NOW: Community, law enforcement fed up with crime


SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- After multiple shootings this week, people who live in South Bend say they're fed up with the violence. 

Some people in law enforcement feel the same way. 

Metro Homicide Commander Tim Corbett said the violence is becoming ridiculous. In addition, Corbett added nothing's held back anymore. His comments come after South Bend police responded to three shootings in one day, one of them deadly. 

However, people in South Bend say they're glad someone in law enforcement is finally "telling it like it is." 

ABC57 asked a number of people to listen to Corbett's comments. They explained they usually hear police and other officials downplay violence in the community by saying violent crime is down. 

That is true. FBI crime data shows nationwide, violent crime dropped 48 percent between 1993 and 2016. However, people in South Bend say just because there's less crime, it doesn't mean crime stops affecting people. They add it's heartbreaking to see a loved one, neighbor, even a stranger become the victim of a crime. There's also a sense of hopelessness because they have to live in environments like this. 

"He's pretty much right," said Marty Martin. "Especially in this neighborhood. We have a lot of shootings, fighting, a lot of other things, prostitution, so you always got to watch your back around here."

Some people think if more law enforcement speak out like this, it could get people to stop hurting each other. Others don't agree. 

"You ain't gonna stop it," said Glendora Neff. "You're not. You're not going to stop the prostitution, the drug dealers. There's too many."

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