Community members talk gun control

SOUTH BEND, Ind. - Just one day after presidential candidates spoke at a gun safety forum at Iowa’s state fair, a triple shooting happened in South Bend, bringing up the topic of gun control.

After almost weekly shootings here in South Bend, many are worried for their safety and asking what the solution is.

Topics like stricter background checks, banning assault rifles and red flag laws were all recently discussed by democratic presidential candidates at a gun safety forum in Iowa.

Mayor Pete Buttigieg weighed in.

“My party has got to get out of the defensive crouch that we're the minority on these issues. America is with us in demanding common sense gun safety. Universal background checks. I've never heard of an issue that 94% of Americans agree on,” Buttigieg said.

While back at home in South Bend, gun violence continues. A triple shooting this morning is just the latest display, leaving many in South Bend with change on their minds.

“I think there should be even tougher gun laws so people know that if you’re going to own a gun, you got to own it for the right purpose,” Patrick Ostrander said.

While most people said they agreed that there should be universal background checks,

“I think gun control is important, but i think they need to regulate more of the people that will handle guns,” Ostrander said.

“At the end of the day, it’s not the guns fault, it’s the person behind it,” Sara Duplantis said.

There’s more of a divide when it comes to banning different types of guns.

“There should be a ban on assault rifles, AK-47’s, any type of gun that’s out there killing people these days,” Curtis Newcomer Jr. said.

“I have a gun for my own safety and peace of mind,” Ostrander said.

“Half of my family at home owns hunting guns and they never hurt anybody,” Duplantis said

When asked if gun control would help in South Bend, some said they think it would.

“Now with the gang activity around just here, it’s important that they get them off the streets,” Ostrander said.

For others, they're left feeling that still won't be enough.

“It’s kind of like when you’re a teenager and you’re not allowed to drink alcohol, you’ll find a way to get it,” Duplantis said.

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